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about us

Comaxi(Chongqing)Trading Company Limited

we comaxi(chongqing)trading company limited卡麦锡(重庆)贸易有限公司 to work for it’s export branch business. Parent company was established in June, 2000, and located at 46#, Qixin Av, Economic-Technological Dev. Area, Changshou Strict, Chongqing, China. With it’s covering area of 50 Thousand squall Meters, Registered Found 2.1 Billion, Total Assets of 3.5 Billion, Net Assets 2.6 Billion and 280 employees, Dragon Rubber have the production capacity, Testing, Inspection and developing new products for 6 Million sets (Tires and Tubes) each year.Our products have been serving customers all over the world, including Hungary,···